How do we create numerous innovative technologies that continue to surprise the world?
Below, we introduce some initiatives unique to Meinan Machinery Works.

Our renowned Newtonian Physics Study Group

We position “physics” as the common language of all employees and hold study groups once per week that are attended by all employees.
The idea that learning physics leads to factual awareness by training to learn the nature of things is the foundation of product development and the key to our human resource development.

An office environment that promotes open discussion

Our offices have no partitions or walls, to encourage free and open discussion between departments.
Today, we have heated debates in every corner of our offices.

Employees are shareholders with an ownership interest in the success of our company. All employees are involved in the nomination of directors.

At Meinan, employees who enter their 5th year of employment in become shareholders.
The General Meeting of Shareholders is a place for management meetings and an opportunity for all employees to analyze current conditions and discuss the future.
The nomination of the company president and directors is made via a vote of confidence with each employee having a single vote.