Age 29, 9th year in company
Development Department
My goal is to be a super engineer
who helps people in need.
I am involved in backline development for the lathe line. The process of struggling with a concept, testing that concept, and being able to turn that concept into a reality helps me truly feel a sense of purpose. That is because this process results in the creation of a machine that would not exist if I don’t try. In some cases, it turns out to be a world’s first. Delivering such a machine and receiving positive feedback makes all the struggle worthwhile. The creation of a machine involves the cooperation of a lot of people but everything begins with the conception of the designer. That also means there are risks but the sense of achievement is much greater. Moving forward, my goal is to become a super engineer. I got that idea from a senior member employee who has taught me many things. I want to use technology to help many people. There’s nothing better than receiving high praise and being compensated for my results...
Aim for as much self-improvement as you desire.
The sky is the limits.
For better or worse, the corporate culture at Meinan can be summed up in one word: “freedom”. If you have desire and the ability to be convincing, you have the freedom to do just about anything you want and you will be recognized for it. On the other hand, people who lack motivation or energy and who are unable to think for themselves may struggle. The appeal of this company is that we can aim for as much self-improvement as you desire regardless of academic background or age. In terms of an educational and support structure, if there’s a seminar you want to attend and you have time to attend it, then typically it is okay to go. In particular, the study groups on Newtonian physics and other internal study groups can be more beneficial than any other seminars. That is because you think for yourself and present it, and if you don’t understand something, then you have to admit it honestly. There is nothing more beneficial than thinking for yourself, acting, and experiencing failure.
Meinan is where we use F=ma to thrive.
A corporate culture that embraces F=ma as its motto is something that agrees with me and was one of the reasons I chose to work at this company. F=ma is a communication tool for thriving at Meinan. For example, when you have differing opinions on design, one might say “From the perspective of F=ma, this design is excellent but changes are needed to reduce manufacturing costs”. This explanation leaves with little choice but to agree. F=ma can be a tool for pushing back on senior employees and a tool for protecting younger employees. Also, machines operate on the principle of F=ma so this is also an important principle for me as an engineer. Meinan is a place where I have used F=ma as a tool to build success. That is why, having chosen a life as an engineer, I also always keep that tool at hand.