NAL series
New model "Aristo" Rotary Veneer Lathe
Veneer sheet production line

Developed to peel veneer from logs that were difficult to process with a traditional lathe, including extremely hard, soft, and small diameter logs. Enables high-yield production of high-quality veneer with uniform thickness and smooth surface from logs typically deemed unsuitable for producing plywood products.

Equipped with X and Y backup rolls to reduce vibration of the log being peeled to promote thickness stability. Features a wide opening for use with tropical woods and other large-diameter logs.
This lathe allows for vertical and forward/backward movement of the "Gangi"(spiked disks) position. Moving the position for small diameter logs helps stabilize peeling and enables the peeling of various veneer thicknesses.
Successor model of B-NAL. Peeling speed can be increased from 125m/min to 145m/min to improve log processing performance.
Successor model for the production of high-quality veneer sheets.

HYB-NAL series
Hybrid lathe

Developed to provide dual use as a conventianal spindle-driven lathe or circumferential drive lathe (Gangi-driven).

Veneer peeling line

Enables the peeling of logs with diameter of 140mm to 600mm down to a 32mm diameter. This unique machine also enables the production of high-quality veneer sheets with a smooth peeled surface.

MDF Splitter TWS

The Meinan MDF splitter TWS was developed to enable the splitting of MDF into two thicknesses. To provide a smooth split surface, the pressure bar can be adjusted based on the type of wood being split.