Driven by the pursuit of the laws of physics,
we strive for unique and innovative machinery manufacturing.
Since our founding in 1953, Meinan Machinery Works has been providing plywood manufacturing machines offering unique value such as labor savings, quality improvements, and yield improvements.
Driving our creativity are study groups on Newtonian physics started 50 years ago that are attended by all employees.
A critical part of wood processing machines is the analysis of forces related to the wood being processed and the machine parts that contact and process or hold the wood.
Since a machine involves movement, it is impossible to avoid the laws of motion.
A machine that fails to operate based on the laws of physics cannot perform to meet desired goals.
This philosophy remains the basic principle driving our research and development.
At Meinan Machinery Works, the goal of every employee is to collaborate with our customers in the wood industry to promote the joy of wood among the end users of wood products.
To achieve this goal, we use wood as a sustainable resource while working diligently toward the preservation of the global environment. At the same time, we promote initiatives such as incorporating advanced IT grounded in the laws of physics to improve our manufacturing technology and create even better machines.
Thank you for your continued support, encouragement, and understanding.
Mikio Tsutsui, Chairman of the Board