Age 26, 7th year in company
Development Department
The ongoing challenging to increase productivity.
I am in charge of a machine called a scarf jointer. This is a machine that can process and adhere sheets stripped from logs to create long construction materials such as structural LVL. This machine is used in LVL plants in Japan and overseas. A scarf jointer uses an adhesive to conjoin sheets. With some adhesives, the better they perform the more difficult they are to handle so they were not used very much. To address this, we developed a device capable of using such an adhesive. During that process, I experienced the joy of being involved in everything from setting pricing to sales, and making modifications for installation. My future goal is to turn the scarf jointer into one of Meinan’s flagship products. I want scarf jointer to be synonymous with Meinan.
You can follow your desires.
If they are backed by logic.
When you wish to do something, if that desire is backed by logical reasoning, then you can do it without the need for approval. That is the appeal of Meinan. When you want to consult with someone, it doesn’t have to be someone from your department. For someone like me who has enjoyed tinkering with machines since I was a kid, being allowed to take responsibility for every aspect of the scarf jointer, from conceptualization to implementation, was a huge confidence booster. However, being able to complete the things you want to accomplish requires that you build connections through study groups and that you put in the effort to build your own environment for success. Our company culture is a friendly one in which people spent time together outside of work as well so there is no need to overthink things. Transcending the borders between work and private to enjoy going out for a party or activities like baseball, futsal, tennis, and fishing leads to friendships as well.
Physics teaches us more than just solving problems.
Meinan regularly holds physics study group. Through physics, we learn more than just how to solve problems. We gain the skill to convey our thoughts to others, the ability to understand phenomena, and many other things that can be applied to development. Our company motto F=ma has become a principle that is at the very core of my being. Additionally, the workgroups involving all employees are important opportunities at which, regardless of age, gender, or department, we can share a wide range of thoughts and ideas. As Meinan exports machines around the world, there is also support for learning English so I appreciate that we are provided with so many opportunities to learn.